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Best Places to Visit in Asia

If you are from Europe and looking for a place that is virtually different environment from where your usual surroundings.

Tokyo, Japan – the largest city in Japan, and its capital. The Akihabara district is an area of affordable electronic gadgets and appliances. Taking photos at the teens in Harajuku, the center of Cosplay.

Phuket, Thailand – Famous for its beautiful beaches. It’s also fun spotting the ladyboys. Elephant riding is fun as well, especially for families.

Boracay Island, Philippines – The most famous beach island in the Philippines. You can get a cheap henna tattoo or have your hair turn to dreads.

Beijing, China – The Forbidden City is a good place to roam around if you’d like to have some bit of Chinese history.

Hundred Islands, Philippines – It is called the Hundred Islands National Park. Lots of activities to do like snorkeling, island hopping, spelunking and even fishing.

Cebu City – The oldest city in the Philippines is rich in history. Go down memory lane by visiting the old structures that were once witnesses of how Cebu came to be. Click here for Cebu City information.

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your time while in the places I mentioned above. Go ahead book a hotel or order a plane ticket at Cheapoair!